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Beneficial insects

white butterflies

So there I was, sitting with K and talking about butterfly gardens, when I thought of the little white butterflies that you sometimes see fluttering around your yard and vegetables called the white cabbage butterflies. These lovely creatures come from a much less lovely beginning, as cabbage butterfly larvae.

 Cabbage butterfly larvae are not beneficial to your garden- they eat your plants!But there are other bugs that love to eat the cabbage worms, lacewings, ladybugs, and hoverflies to name a few.

These little bugs can easily be invited into your own garden by planting a few common flowers, and herbs, easy to come by like coriander, dill, caraway, fennel, tansy, parsley and common dandelions.

If you are looking for something more elegant, try basket of gold, prairie sunflowers, or English lavender. Maybe common marigolds? Or delicate queen Anne’s lace? No matter what the theme of your garden may be, there are many beneficial-insect attracting plants that will match your needs, and of course, it is organic pest control.

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